torsdag 23. oktober 2008

Outsider Musicians Kveld

Et foredrag om Outsider Musicians
Kongsberg Bibliotek Musikkavdeling
onsdag 12. november. KL. 19.00

Basert på boka: Songs in the Key of Z av Irwin Chusid, musikkbibliotekar Gavin Baker vil se nærmere på noen musikker som faller utenfor normen i de fleste musikalsk sammenhenger.

Kvelden skal inkludere:

The Shaggs

The Shaggs were formed by Dot, Betty, and Helen Wiggin in 1968 on the insistence of their father, Austin Wiggin, who believed that his mother foresaw the band's rise to stardom. The band's only studio album, Philosophy of the World, was released in 1969. As the obscure LP achieved recognition among collectors, the band was praised for their raw, intuitive composition style and lyrical honesty. The Shaggs are now seen as a groundbreaking outsider music group.
The Shaggs on myspace


BlöödHag is a death metal band from Seattle. They play very short songs of which the lyrics consist of biographical and bibliographical information, observations and abstractions of Science Fiction, Fantasy and seminal Horror authors. BlöödHag has embarked on several tours of libraries in the Pacific Northwest, and has the motto: The Faster You Go Deaf…The More Time You Have To Read.
Bloodhag on myspace

Daniel Johnston

Daniel Johnston is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and artist. Johnston has been diagnosed with manic depression. Born and raised in West Virginia but a product of the Austin, Texas music scene, Johnston is routinely compared to Brian Wilson, Roky Erickson and Skip Spence, both for his sheer originality and the tragic, mysterious relationship between mental illness and creative genius.
Daniel Jonston on myspace

Skip Spence

Alexander "Skip" Spence was a musician and singer-songwriter best known for his work with Jefferson Airplane, Moby Grape and as a solo artist. His career was plagued by drug addictions and schizophrenia, during his tenure in the public eye, he had a profound impact on the outsider music and psych-folk genres. On the day of his release from Bellevue Mental Hospital he drove a motorcycle, dressed in only his pajamas, directly to Nashville to record his only solo album, the now-classic psychedelic/folk album Oar
Skip Spence on mysapce


Jandek is the musical project of an outsider musician who operates out of Houston, Texas. Since 1978, Jandek has self-released 53 albums of unusual, often emotionally dissolute folk and blues songs without ever granting more than the occasional interview or providing any biographical information. Jandek often plays a highly idiosyncratic and frequently atonal form of folk and blues music, often using an open and unconventional chord structure.
Jandek on myspace

torsdag 16. oktober 2008

Facebook group

Kongsberg Bibliotek Musikkavdelingen nå har sin egen Facebook Group.

Kongsberg Bibliotek Musikkavdelingen på Facebook

Vi skal bruker den til å annonsere ting som skjer i Musikkavdelingen og fortelle om nye innkjøpte CDer, bøker, noter og DVDer.

Bli med!

Også i forrige tirsdag hadde Musikkavdelingen en Sang og Poesi Kveld. Takk till alle som kom og tusen takk til alle som sang. Det var bra oppmøte og musikken var så fin!

Gavin og Caroline Baker fra gruppen Jet Johnson

Katrine Haugejorden Bjørnstad

Vi skal har en til Sang Kveld igjen snart og også et foredrag om 'Outsider Musicians' i november.

tirsdag 7. oktober 2008

Sang og Poesi Kveld 3

Sang og Poesi Kveld 3
Kongsberg Bibliotek Musikkavdeling
Tirsdag 14 oktober 2008. kl 19.00

En kveld med musikk og dikt av nye talent fra Kongsberg.

Sailing Outdoor, Siw Laurent, Nora Kvilstad, Brian Berg, Cathrine Witzøe, Katinka Hustad og Mats Lykke.

Sailing Outdoor en en rockegruppe fra Kongsberg some skal spiller akustisk.
De spiller også på Mølla i Kongsbrg Lørdag 11 Oktober 2008.

Sailing Outdoor on myspace

Mats Lykke, en singer songwriter fra Kongsberg, kan også høres på myspace

Vi fremdeles vil ha flere til å spille... hvis du har lystta kontakt med Gavin på biblioteket: